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Photographer & Mobile Developer. Currently studying Computer Science Engineering at Pázmány Péter University. Android developer at SignAll.

And currently studying Computer Science Engineering at Pázmány University specialized to software development. I am fond of mobile application development, skilled in Kotlin, Swift and arts. I have three own mobile applications, Challenger - a challenge-based fitness application, WindHunter - a sailer application and an instrument tuner. Feel free to check them below. In my free time I mainly work on these projects and study mobile app development on my own aiming to become better and better in this field.

Arts have always played a very crucial role in my life. I took my first photograph in 2010 and it was love at first sight. My enthusiasm is unbroken since then. I became more conscious during my journey and tried to create my own style. I got to know heaps of new people and my personality has improved a lot because of photography. I think this is why photography and arts are so ‘beautiful’. You become a better person and learn how to notice the beauty of our world. A photographer is a photographer without their camera as well. My style is clear and exact. I like using well-balanced compositions to reach this harmony. Warm and vivid colors are often dominant on my photographs.

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